The officers of AIAA-UH are elected by the members of the organization and are committed to increasing the presence of aerospace engineering on UH campus. Below are the officers elected for the 2020-2021 term.

2020-2021 AIAA-UH Officer Team

Kelly Graham


Kelly is a senior studying biomedical engineering with a minor in biology. She was involved with the Space City Rocketry team for three years on the payload, recovery, and propulsion subteams. Her research interests include aerospace medicine and understanding cell development in microgravity. As President she manages the organization’s general meetings, workshops, and activities. She also captains the Women’s ultimate frisbee team at UH and enjoys baking, gardening, and rock climbing in her spare time.

Andrew Dougherty

Vice President

Andrew is a senior studying mechanical engineering with a minor in mathematics. He has been involved with AIAA-UH and Space City Rocketry since 2017, and Space City UAV since its inception in 2018.

Javier Ayala


A senior mechanical engineering student in the Cullen College of Engineering, Javier participated in AIAA-UH for three years. He participated in the founding of the UAV team in 2018-19. In 2019-2020, he became the head of the newly formed analysis subteam of the Space City Rocketry Team. This year as AIAA-UH’s Treasurer, Javier will take charge of administering funding throughout the organization and becoming the liaison between aerospace partners and the organization.

Christian Emanis


Christian is a senior mechanical engineering student who is also minoring in mathematics. He joined AIAA-UH in 2019 and was a member of Space City UAV Team before joining Space City Rocketry. Besides being AIAA-UH’s Secretary, he contributes to Space City Rocketry’s Structures subteam.

Harry Espiloy

Program Manager

Harry is a senior and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He has been involved with AIAA-UH since 2017. He has been involved in both project teams, Space City Rocketry and Space City UAV team, since his initial involvement in AIAA-UH. As Program Manager he manages and tracks the progress of both engineering project teams.

Omar Aly

Event Coordinator

Omar is a junior mechanical engineering major. He has been with AIAA-UH for one year and has been involved with the UAV team for a semester as well. As event coordinator, Omar hopes to organize exciting events this upcoming year that will help expand this club at UH.

Caleb Ballard

Public Relations

Caleb is a junior and is studying computer engineering. He has been involved with AIAA-UH and Space City Rocketry since 2019. Ever since he got involved, Caleb has not only immensely grown in his knowledge of aerospace, but his passion for AIAA-UH as well.

Fabio Andrean


Fabio is a mechanical engineering senior. He has been involved with AIAA-UH since 2017, having taken on various leadership roles including secretary, and recovery system lead for Oberon V1. Serving as historian for his last semester, he will be responsible for documenting meetings and events, as well as the monthly newsletter. He hopes to use his photography skills to frame AIAA-UH in the best light possible!

Chloe Tovar

Outreach Coordinator

Chloe is a junior physics major. She is a member of Space City Rocketry and a member of their structures team. After she graduates, she hopes to go to grad school for aerospace engineering and eventually work in the space industry. She is also a researcher in the Undergraduate Student Instrument Project (USIP).

Emily Humble


Emily is a junior and is studying physics with a minor in computer science. She has been involved with AIAA-UH and Space City Rocketry since 2019. She is acting as the project manager for Space City Rocketry for the 2021 mission.

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