Hobby Rocket Team

This program is for AIAA UH members interested in building their own individual model rockets, either for fun or to earn their Tripoli certification.

Members of the 2018 Hobby Rocket Team

The aim of this program is to have members learn individual rocket systems while honing in on their technical writing skills in a more laid-back environment compared to our other engineering teams. It is a great way for member to learn about all the systems needed to create a functioning rocket.

You must be a member of AIAA UH to join Hobby Rocket Team. Contact us at aiaacoogs.uh@gmail.com if you are a current UH student and are interested in joining the team.

Experienced rocketeers and members of Space City Rocketry provide mentorship and guidance on the construction of the rockets for those who ask. The program hopes to foster a supportive and fun environment for members.

Many of our members are engineering students who have extensive relevant hobbyist experience. We heavily rely on external sponsorship for resources to accomplish our goals for this team.

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Houston, TX 77002, USA