Past Missions


2018 – Present

Space City Rocketry returned to Spaceport America in 2019 with Oberon. The team placed 28th overall out of 100+ teams, and achieved the highest rank of any team from Texas.

The team intended to fly Oberon again at the 2020 competition, but the event was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Oberon’s next flight is planned for December 2020 at Hearne Municipal Airport. This mission will act as a test flight for the new systems implemented during 2019-2020, and for training of new members.

Members of the 2019 team at Spaceport America Cup
Oberon on launch rail, Spaceport America Cup 2019

2019 MISSION : (Left to Right): Fabio Andrean, Dominic van der Walt, Eric Lopez, Samar Mathur, Omar El Gazzar, Aldo Casco, Daniel Bosquez, Kelly Graham. (Not Present) : Sam Akinwande, Liam Caquill, Regan Anderson, Natalie Jackson, Dylan Stewart.

2020 MISSION: Eric Lopez, Dominic van der Walt, Allen Matthew, Susan Samayoa, Chloe Tovar, Emily Humble, Kelly Graham, Alex Blick, Andrew Dougherty, Caleb Ballard, Carlos Soriano, Celine Cherian, Christian Emanis, Harry Espiloy, Irvin Soriano, Javier Ayala, Zitlali Silva, Jhonatan Manjarrez, Alejandro Gonzalez


2015 – 2018

The first time that Space City Rocketry competed at Spaceport America Cup. Prometheus was three years in the making achieved an apogee of almost 8000 feet.

(Left to Right): Jose Mendieta, Omar El Gazzar, Bernard Li, Harry Espiloy, Micheal Greer, Jeffery Davis, Basil Sabu, Jacob Fraday , Fabio Andrean, David Smith, Kurt Rowland, Jalyssa Martinez, Rob Aleman, Amy Fraday, Samina Huq, Sharlyn Tijerina, Marc Alozie. (Also Part of the team but not Present): Andrew Doughty, Samar Mathur, Andrew Advani, Andrew Smith, Salvador Cisneros, Christian Behrend, Dino Barrios, Hosam Yacoub, Logan Alden, Randy Bratton, Regan Anderson, Elizabeth Hernandez, Kelly Graham.

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