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Space City Rocketry competed in person for the first time at Spaceport America Cup (SAC) since the COVID pandemic. The team placed top 10 in the 30K COTS category at the SAC 2022 competition, which happens to be the first time the SCR team has competed in this category. Zenith is also the rocket that has reached the highest apogee in SCR history.

The team had an almost nominal flight with both of Zenith’s charges firing and the tender descender system functioning perfectly on Friday, June 24th. Zenith reached an apogee of 21,550 ft and its maximum speed reached a Mach of 1.5. 

Zenith used an O class motor from Animal Works and included a modular lower assembly for its carbon fiber fins, single bay dual deployment system, a ground station capable of receiving live data from its flight, and a payload experiment that evaluates the effects that high supersonic speeds and high G forces have on a small colony of E. coli cells.

2022 Mission: Irvin Soriano, Gustavo Santana, Josephine Arguello, Ravi Desai, Raj Gohil, Isabel Ngiraidong, Adrian Perez, Carlos Soriano, Hailey Stafford, et. al.


2018 – 2021

Space City Rocketry returned to Spaceport America in 2019 with Oberon. The team placed 22nd overall out of 100+ teams, and achieved the highest rank of any team from Texas. The team intended to fly Oberon again at the 2020 and 2021 competitions, but the events were cancelled due to Covid-19.

The team had a successful test flight of Oberon with Tripoli Houston on March 27th, 2021. Oberon reached an apogee of 9769ft and a max speed of 693 miles per hour. The team will fly Oberon this spring in the Texas Shootout rocketry event hosted by Tripoli – North Texas.

Oberon uses an M class motor from Loki Research and will carry a payload which measures the effects of high g-forces on cells which will be applied to further research in the field of aerospace medicine. Also implemented on Oberon is the team’s fully developed Modular Motor Mount (MMM).

2019 MISSION: Samar Mathur, Omar El Gazzar, Fabio Andrean, Dominic van der Walt, Eric Lopez, Aldo Casco, Daniel Bosquez, Kelly Graham, Sam Akinwande, Liam Caquill, Regan Anderson, Natalie Jackson, Dylan Stewart.

2020 MISSION: Eric Lopez, Dominic van der Walt, Allen Mathew, Susan Samayoa, Chloe Tovar, Emily Humble, Kelly Graham, Alex Blick, Andrew Dougherty, Caleb Ballard, Carlos Soriano, Celine Cherian, Christian Emanis, Harry Espiloy, Irvin Soriano, Javier Ayala, Zitlali Silva, Jhonatan Manjarrez, Alejandro Gonzalez

2021 MISSION: Emily Humble, Alex Blick, Kelly Graham, Caleb Ballard, Ravi Desai, Javier Ayala, Joao Groberio, Irvin Soriano, Allen Mathew, Eric Lopez, Dominic van der Walt, Ali Aldulaimi, Amy Koelbel, Ben Bolt, Erich Esqueda, Josephina Arguello, Maryam Dharmajwala, Sarah Hannusch, Thai Nguyen, Alex Bradshaw, Aruba Bukhari, Dustin Kattner, Gantabya Kadel, Jacob Griese, Kurt M Rowland, Matthew Woodring, Melisa Unlu, Nicole Burke, V Sadygov, Fabio Andrean, Sophia Dousis, Cristian Lopez, Nancy Nguyen, Adrian Perez, Anthony Oranday, Ben Hamilton, Caleb Phillips, Carlos Salas, Celine Cherian, Joaquin Silva, Oscar Mireles, Osvaldo Martinez, Tala Shannak, Thomas Elrod, Zulma Mejia, Carlos Soriano, Changyu Chung Lee, Diego Mendoza, Farida Lakhani, Gerrit Nelson, Josh Rich, Nathaniel Shorb, Omar Aly, Titus Vantreese, Eason Avant, Flora Cabrera, Gustavo Santana, Jacob Thorne, Jean Paul Fuentes, Ravi Desai, Enrique Villareal, Jordan Lyde, Matthew Doan, Steven Soriano.


2015 – 2018

Prometheus was the first flight vehicle that Space City Rocketry competed with at Spaceport America Cup. Prometheus achieved an apogee of almost 8000 feet. Prometheus sustained damage upon recovery which included a cracked fin and damage to the nosecone but otherwise performed nominally. The development of Prometheus took three years and was AIAA-UH’s first entry into the Spaceport America cup – the project set the groundwork for further successes and growth in the organization’s future.

2018 MISSION: Jose Mendieta, Omar El Gazzar, Bernard Li, Harry Espiloy, Micheal Greer, Jeffery Davis, Basil Sabu, Jacob Fraday, Fabio Andrean, David Smith, Kurt Rowland, Jalyssa Martinez, Rob Aleman, Amy Fraday, Samina Huq, Sharlyn Tijerina, Marc Alozie, Andrew Doughty, Samar Mathur, Andrew Advani, Andrew Smith, Salvador Cisneros, Christian Behrend, Dino Barrios, Hosam Yacoub, Logan Alden, Randy Bratton, Regan Anderson, Elizabeth Hernandez, Kelly Graham.

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