2020-2022 Alumni

Anthony Oranday

Anthony was a member of the propulsion subteam of Space City Rocketry from 2020-2022. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry in May 2022.

Alex Blick

Alex Blick graduated with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. He served as Space City Rocketry’s Chief Engineer for the 2020-2021 school year an AIAA’s Event Coordinator.

Javier Ayala

Javier Ayala started his time in AIAA-UH as a part of the UAV avionics team in his freshman year. In his sophomore year, he joined the Space City Rocketry team as the lead of the the newly founded Flight performance/SRAD Avionics Subteam under Oberon. Javier then became the treasurer of AIAA-UH in the 2020-21 school year. The experiences in AIAA-UH lead Javier to continue his journey in the aerospace industry and will now work as a Manufacturing Engineer for the Boeing Company.

Emily Humble

Emily graduated in 2022 with a degree in physics. She was a member of AIAA-UH for three years where she served as SCR Avionics lead (2019), Project Manager (2020), and team advisor (2021). She is a current flight controller trainee at NASA’s Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center supporting avionics systems aboard the ISS.