2018 – 2019 Alumni

David Smith

David Smith was the Program Manager of the AIAA. He graduated fall of 2018 with a degree in mechanical engineering. He was also the Project Manager of Space City Rocketry. He lead Space City Rocketry’s effort to compete in Spaceport America Cup 2018 and the successful launch of Prometheus. 

Salvador Cisneros

Salvador Cisneros graduated fall of 2018 with a degree in mechanical engineering. Salvador’s goal as the outreach coordinator was to expand AIAA member’s horizons through volunteer and community involvement. His work involved: working in after school programs to teach lessons in STEM to K-5th graders, coordinating events for university’s 15th Annual Mars Rover Celebration, organize volunteers for Chevron’s Girls Engineering the Future, as well as ensuring AIAA’s involvement in the Launch Into Engineering event hosted by the Society of Women Engineers. 

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith graduated in 2018 with a degree in mechanical engineering. Andrew utilized his skills to assist the 2018 rocketry team on the airframe. Upon graduation Andrew was hired by the propulsion department at the Marshall Space Flight Center to work on valve design and development for their engines.

Jeffrey Davis

Jefferey graduated in 2018 and was a member of the airframe team for Space City Rocketry, and also acted as the systems engineer for Space City Rocketry. Jeffery was hired for an engineering position at Raytheon.

Andrew Advani

Andrew was a dedicated member of AIAA UH, taking the roles of payload team leader of Space City Rocketry, AIAA UH secretary, and AIAA UH vice president through his years of involvement. Andrew continued his aerospace engineering journey by accepting a position with United Launch Alliance after graduation. 

Jacob Frady

Jacob graduated in 2019 after acting as the chief engineer of Space City Rocketry for Prometheus’s first launch. He also acted as an advisor to the team in his senior year. Upon graduation he began work in an engineering position with Cosine Additive.  

Samiana Huq

Samiana graduated in 2019 with a degree in physics. She was heavily involved with AIAA UH, working as a member of Space City Rocketry’s payload team for the launch of Prometheus and also took on the role of public relations office. She will continue to make AIAA proud as she pursues her passion for becoming a high school physics teacher. 

Omar el Gazzar

Omar graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in 2019 after being heavily involved with Space City Rocketry. He was a member of the avionics team for Prometheus’s launch, and acted as the team’s project manager for the construction and first launch of Oberon. Omar also contributed his capstone project, a test stand for high powered rocket motors, to the team. Omar began work as a mechanical engineer in the Federal Aviation Agency after graduation.

Robert “Rob” Aleman

Robert graduated in 2019. He was a member of Space City Rocketry for several years and became the payload team leader. His work led to the conducting a successful experiment aboard Prometheus, assessing the damage done to the brain in high g-forces. Robert moved on to become a design engineer for EN Engineering after graduation.